What can Shoot.to do?

Shoot.to's key features include:

  • Easy Audience Member on-boarding via link or QR code.
  • Audience receives all messages and content via text. All content streams in browser. No app to install.
  • Audience Creator can engage in 1-to-1 chats or broadcast messages, content, and merchandise to millions.
  • Allow one or more people to handle messaging.
  • Automatic translation between 54 languages - message Audiences in their native language.
  • GeoTargeting indicates where Audience Members are concentrated and allows for location-based messaging.
  • Active Content can be shared to grow the audience.
  • AI algorithms help identify and automatically segment audience based on level of engagement. This allows Audience Creators to target different segments with customized messaging. 
  • Troll Filter automatically screens out negativity from incoming messages.
  • Monetize by distributing pay-per-view or subscription media.
  • Distribute exclusive non-shareable content.
  • Schedule broadcasts for future delivery.
  • Merchandise - connect your online store and broadcast products.