How do I change the autogenerated default text messages in the browser?

This feature can only be accessed in the browser. If you are in the app please log in to on your computer browser.

  1. Click on the Audience drop-down icon. 
  2. Select "default SMS messages" 
  3. Adjust the text in the text box and click "update"

Prefill message - This is the message Audience Members will see in their outgoing text message field when they initially click on your Audience Connect Link or scan your QR code to be officially added to your Audience List. This message should instruct the user to press send to join your Audience.

Example: "Just press send to be added to my Audience."

(Note: You are also able to change your default pronouns. Click here to learn how.)

  • Autoreply message - This is the message Audience Members receive after responding to the Prefill message. It should instruct the user to click the default media link to confirm their connection. The connection is only confirmed once they click the media link and opt-in to The media link and the standard, “Msg&Data Rates May Apply...,” will automatically appear below this message. 

Example: “Thanks for reaching out - click the link to confirm our connection and check out my latest content.”