How do I broadcast a message to my Audience in the browser?

Now that you have an Audience, you need to send information to them. You can do this one of two ways in the browser:

Option 1: Sending out a message with media attached.

1. Click the 'upload' button and chose your selected media to import.

2. Wait for your media to upload.

(If you need to Rename Media Files)

3. Click on the broadcast icon for your desired media.

4. Select the Audience Group you would like to send the file to and enter your message.

(Consider adding a custom subject, which would appear in the subject line for Audience Members that signup using an email instead of a mobile number.)

(Consider making it exclusive by checking the box.)

 (Consider whether or not you want to send the message now or if you would rather schedule it for a future date/time)

5. Click 'send' to shoot off your broadcast message!

Option 2: Sending out a simple message with no media attached.

1. Click on the broadcast icon next to the   Audience Groups you would like to message. 

2. Type your message.  (Note: Messages must be at least 10 characters long.)

(If you decide to attach a file you can still do so from here)

3. After typing your desired message, if you would like to schedule the message to be sent at a future date/time, check the box next to 'Schedule' and select the date/time you want it to be sent. 

Note: Skip this step if you would like to send immediately)

4. Click 'send'