Audience Owners - How to get started

1. Upload a video or song or chapter from your book so that when people connect they automatically get some cool content. 

How do I upload a file?

2. Customize your audience by adding an image or logo. It will be attached to your Audience Connect Link, QR code, and vCard.

How do I upload a logo?

3. Once people start joining your audience you will be able to directly message them from our app or website.

How do I broadcast a message to my audience?

4. You can even see on a map where your audience is strongest and message them based on their location. 

How does GeoTarget work?

5. Grow your audience by encouraging viewers to share your unique Audience Connect Link.

How do I build my Audience?

Or use the link for media you have uploaded to share your content AND grow your audience.

How do I create a media link in the browser?