How do I become an Audience Member?

Option 1: Join through an Audience connect link or QR code:

1. Click on an Audience Connect Link. 

  • OR scan an Audience's QR code with your cellphone.

2. When you click OR scan it starts a pre-filled text message with the Audience's hashtag. Just press send!

3. When the message is sent, you will receive a media link that you must open in order to confirm your connection and become an Audience Member.

4. Click the media link and you will be prompted to opt-in and view the content. (Note: You MUST opt-in and agree to the terms in order to be added as an Audience Member.)

5. Once you opt-in you'll become an Audience Member and the media will open. 

Option 2: Click on a media link.

2. You will be prompted to opt-in to in order to view the media. Once you agree to the terms then you will automatically become an Audience Member.